The Da Buddha Vaporizer is the next vaporizer that we will review in our ongoing vaporizer reviews; it is made by the 7th Floor Company, the makers of the high end Silver Surfer vaporizers, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Why Choose a Da Buddha Vaporizer?

Da Buddha vaporizers are traditional whip vaporizers, which a lot of people find more convenient to use than the balloon vaporizers. 7th Floor is known for making stylish and reliable products, and this vaporizer doesn’t disappoint. The vaporizer uses ground glass fittings on their heater covers, and ground glass wands, to provide you with a virtually hands free vaporizing experience, unlike other whip vaporizers that require you to hold the whip in place with your hands. It utilizes the same high quality ceramic heating element found in the Silver Surfer vaporizers, and the glass on glass components to provide you with an optimal production of vapor.


The Da Buddha vaporizer is analog, so it doesn’t have a temperature display telling you what the internal temperature is. This is not a big deal, because you can turn the knob that is used to adjust the temperature to the highest level when you want to use it, and constantly reduce it after a few minutes until you find the right temperature for you. Even though it is analog, the speed at which it heats up is very good, which reduced your wait time when you want to vape.

The vapor density in this vaporizer is a little disappointing when the heat is set at the low end, but at medium strength, it produces very dense and satisfying vapor, without sacrificing efficiency.

Because of the quality of the vaporizer, it comes in a padded hemp travel bag, in which the Vaporizer, whip, wand, glass mouthpiece, replacement screens, stir tool, and manual are all included. Like other quality vaporizers, the Da Buddha, except for the glass, is covered by a three year warranty, but you have to buy it from an authorized distributor, or else the warranty is void.

Unlike some other vaporizers, cleaning this vaporizer is relatively easy. All you have to do is remove the whip from the mouthpiece and wand, and soak all the glass components in Isopropyl alcohol, after which you wipe them down to remove any lingering residue or film. The tubing of the whip and the screens will have to be replaced regularly, depending on how much use the vaporizer gets. If you don’t have any Isopropyl alcohol, you can use warm water, a toothbrush and soap.


Advantages of using the Da Buddha Vaporizer

  • Fast setup time, which is very convenient.
  • It is very easy to clean, and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
  • It comes with a three year warranty, as long as it is bought from an authorized distributor.
  • It comes with a carrying case, making it easy to transport.
  • It is very affordable.

Disadvantages of using the Da Buddha Vaporizer

  • It is analog, making temperature control difficult.
  • The whip tends to come out a lot if it isn’t inserted firmly.

Final Verdict

The Da Buddha vaporizer is a very convenient and easy to set up vaporizer that doesn’t require much work, the only problem I had with it was the lack of temperature display and numbering on the knob to let you know how high the temperature is, but at its price, it is a problem that I can definitely live with.

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